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Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Sold in the Netherlands.

Citroën 2CV

No Turbo. No Spoiler. Just 2CV. After the takeover of the company by tire manufacturer Michelin, the new leadership of car manufacturer Citroën decided to develop a small car that had to be suitable for the rugged French countryside. Based on market research, it was decided that it should be a vehicle that could carry two farmers with 50 kilograms of potatoes, the car had to be so comfortable that eggs in a basket would not break, and the farmer with his Sunday hat on, had to fit in it so he could go to church by car. The start of the iconic 2CV. This one? Born in 1980 in sunny Spain as a 2CV6. And finished in Jaune Mimosa with a black interior. Mileage over the past 43 years is only 82,000KM. At the moment still has a Spanish license plate, with valid MOT inspection which may be taken over in the Netherlands. Due to the good Spanish climate, this 2CV still has original sheet metal and the bodywork is still in good condition. Chassis is original and rust free. The engine purrs nicely and feels "powerful". Furthermore, this 2CV suspension is still very tight. The Citroen 2CV. All you ever need in a car.